Let me give you a beautiful glimpse of Ragusa Ibla, the historical part of a little settlement in southeast Sicily. After being destroyed by the 1693 earthquake, this charming little town full of labyrinth-like alleys and fascinating architecture was rebuilt by the local aristocracy on the exact same spot. Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visited mostly not only for its baroque churches and palazzi, but exactly for this view. Mind you, most people don’t seem to find this exact spot, so if you ever feel like visiting Ragusa and take a great photo, make sure you go here.

This is not only one of my favourite shots from my recent road trip in Sicily, but an all-time sunset-favourite. Been out for over two hours at this location to find the perfect spot and wait for the golden hour. To those not familiar with this term, the golden hour is a very short period just after sunrise or, as on this photo, before sunset when the light is softer than during any time of the day and has this magical quality, colouring the sky read, if you get lucky that is.

Will be putting online a detailed post on the road trip with a great deal of visuals soon(ish).

Happy travelling ^^