Visited Edinburgh and was blown away. Literally. The city is magnificent – history, architecture, seven hills and stunning views. And quite a bit of rain. Don’t forget the wind either. Perhaps not the best preconditions for being outdoors with a camera. But the hopeful traveller doesn’t dive up that easily.

Spending only a few days in Edinburgh this spring felt like constantly chasing the light. It seems to me, the less time you have in a certain location, the more eager you are to capture the sum and substance of that place. In retrospect, it seems like trying to bottle up the essence of it. But, the shorter the time, the more difficult it is to get that image. Obviously.

You hope, you’ll be lucky. You keep repeating five-more-minutes as a mantra. To get that photo you crawl up to Calton Hill and squat on a rather inconvenient spot for two evenings, exposed to wind and rain, at times with chattering teeth. And keep saying five-more-minutes to yourself. And you wait. If not for the light, then for the moment when nobody is taking a selfie in your frame. I can tell you, it feels like even if the light happened, you’d have no chance of taking a shot without a bunch of tourists in it. Just five-more-minutes.

I’m not sure to how much the five minutes added up, but squatting up on Calton Hill felt like eternity. Two eternities actually. Although the burning skies never came, I was blown away not only by the wind, but by  nice warm light and wonderfully soft colours in the sky. Let’s be honest, not that bad at all in two evenings. I must say, I have been pretty lucky some other times too, check out the one sunset I was fortunate enough to experience in Bled. It couldn’t have been more stunning.

If in Edinburgh, Calton Hill is an absolute must-see. Whether at sunset or at sunrise, it will treat you with magnificent views. A staircase leads you up from Regent Road, so it requires little physical effort. Apart from this, the spot is easily accessible either on foot or by public transport; the bus stop is just at the foot of the hill. Once there, nothing can stand in the way of amazing images – except the tourist. The tourist can – literally – stand in the way of your shots. If you’re getting itchy feet now, visit the official website of Edinburgh World Heritage to find out more about Calton Hill.



Location: 55°57’16.7″N 3°11’04.1″W
Gear: Nikon D5300 • Sigma 10-20mm f2.8 • CLP filter • Matona ballhead travel tripod
Shot: 10mm • F11 • ISO 100
Software:  Lightroom 6, Photoshop CC, Nik Collection Color Efex Pro 4

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