Innocent curiosity • Nikon D5300 • 55mm • F11 • 1/160 • ISO 100 • CPL filter

In my previous blog entry I was saying you should not drive in Sicily. But then again, I did a road trip there, so let me tell you the rest of that. Last time I mentioned Palermo and Scala dei Turchi, but before we drive to Ragusa, I’d love to give you a glimpse of the Valley of Temples, one of Sicily’s most popular historical sights – a collection of ancient Greek temples in Agrigento.

A charming place, the Vallei dei Templi. For one, it is actually not a valley as it is located on a hilltop outside the city. But never mind that. It’s an archaeological park revealing the remains of seven temples of which some are the most well preserved architectural constructs of the ancient Greek civilisation. Tickets are not inexpensive, but you sure can have a good walk for your money. The Valley covers a rather large area, which means a roughly 2km uphill walk one way. Mind you, there is a little train that will take you to about half-way for €3. Also, you’ll have to buy an extra ticket to visit the museum.

Another tip I can give you is just not to go there round midday during the summer. It’s not a very good idea… Unless you can stand heat well, have enough sun-screen to protect you from being combusted and about 5 litres of water to keep you well hydrated. Obviously, I’m slightly exaggerating, but I felt like melting while waiting for the right moments to take a shot. Our Sicilian host suggested to go there around 7pm, I didn’t listen because I still wanted to see the sunset at the beach. Still, I imagine the Valley must be amazing in low light.

My all-time favourite photo from this location is the featured image at the top of this post. Couldn’t help but include it. It was a broken second and got lucky enough to be able to get the shot. Priceless.

But now enjoy a few of my less amusing photos from the Valley.

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