The Côte d’Azur, Venice, Bled and the Soča river in Slovenia, Edinburgh and the Bass Rock, Brighton and the Seven Sisters, London, Prague, the Bastei in Germany, the waterfalls and ravines of Salzburg, the Fjords, hikes and glaciers of Norway, the Dolomites of Italy, and a round trip in Ireland from Dublin to Belfast to Galway to the Aran Islands to Killarney through the Wild Atlantic Way to Cork to Kilkenny and back to Dublin. A very long list of beautiful places I’ve been to and taken photos of, much of which hasn’t made it to the blog.

Travel Phlog has been online for a year! Which is amazing. Yet, truth be told, since I’ve started this page I haven’t been posting as frequently as I would have liked to. Lately, I haven’t been posting at all. There was working long hours, little sleep and other inconveniences of a the normal working person’s life. But I believe I can safely say I’ve also been travelling quite a bit and took some pretty nice photographs.

And this is exactly that fills me with regret. Yes, regret. I regret not taking more time to share these images with you, I regret not telling you the stories accompanying them, I regret missing out on opportunities to express my admiration for the beautiful spots in Europe I’ve fallen in love with. I reckon we agree, that’s a lot of regret in one sentence. So I’ve figured something must be done about it.

And here’s my solution. I’ll add my favourite images from each of my past and upcoming trips and shoots to the gallery, which I very imaginatively dubbed the LookBook, just because I like the sound of it and just because I can. You’ll find the LookBook in the top menu. So the gallery is literally just a click away.

Then the posts will gradually follow, in the hope that you will still want to read them. I do have some compelling stories to tell, so make sure not to miss them. In Norway I re-discovered my love for hiking despite the cold and some seriously rough stretches (well rough with a heavy load of camera gear half of which you end up not even using), while in Ireland I got to enjoy some patchy weather with serious rain and strong winds. In midst of it all, I took photos. Some of them good, others maybe not so much.

The places photography takes you to and the things you do for that one landscape photo. There is a certain satisfaction in being out in the poring rain or waiting for the light in the cold with chattering teeth. Despite all that, there’s nothing better than being outdoors exploring gorgeous places. And the satisfaction when you manage to capture that image you had in mind. Priceless. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of this ^^