The more further away you live from Austria, the more likely you’ll know The Sound of Music and this song:

Yes, Salzburg is the location of this heavily clichéd Hollywood classic. But as you might guess, it’s much more than just “hills, hills everywhere”. It’s an dazzling cultural hub spotted with fascinating architecture and surrounded by the lavish beauties of nature. You could be sightseeing in the city and hours later find yourself hiking on a green rolling hill or climbing up to a waterfall.

These photos above were made in the enchanting city of Salzburg and the surrounding area, colloquially referred to as Salzburgerland. If you have a soft spot for mountains, forests, and majestic waterfalls, there is no way to miss it. As you scroll through these photos, imagine a fresh mountain breeze, the green scent of pines and rain, and the sound of rumbling water. Bliss.

Hungry for more Austrian beauty? Stay tuned ^^