Velvet sunset • Nikon D5300 • 16mm • F11 • 1/8 sec • ISO 100

Velvet sunset, silky sea, and crispy rocks. Can this be Norway? Not the Bahamas, not the Caribbean, nor some other exotic beach. This is indeed a white sandy beach in Norway. Along the majestic fjords of this paradise for landscape photographers there are some stunningly beautiful beaches. One of them is in Vågsøy.

Being on a road trip in one of the world’s – and I’m not exaggerating – most beautiful countries, you find a gem of a landscape and beautiful vistas at every turn of the road. Although all the stops of the journey were well planned in advance, it was absolutely impossible to keep to that schedule. The weather in Norway, especially at the coastal areas and in the mountains, can change by the minute. You can check the forecast as much as you want, you might still get caught up in the rain.

The island of Vågsøy was a spontaneous, but very lucky decision after being driven away from the Jotunheimen national park towards the coast by the pouring rain. It is the largest island of the municipality Vågsøy (yes, it’s a wee bit confusing), connected to the mainland by Måløybrua, Måløy bridge that can supposedly stand 270 kmh (about 170 mph) winds. After all the vehicles been blown off the road, the bridge will surely still stand. Wonders of architecture. From there drive up North on Fv602 to arrive to Refviksanden beach. It is a stretch of pristine white sand rounded by lush green peaks and covered by crisp blue skies. Sheer wild beauty.

The sun sinks so slowly into the Norwegian sea that you think the golden hour will never end. And indeed it lasts for hours, painting the clouds in the most amazing colours. What more can you wish for?


Location: 62°00’17.1″N 5°05’25.4″E
Gear: Nikon D5300 • Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 • NiSi V5-PRO filter holder • CLP filter • Matona ballhead travel tripod
Shot: single RAW file • 16mm • F11 • 1/8 sec • ISO 100
Software:  Lightroom 6, Photoshop CC, Nik Collection Color Efex Pro 4

If you’re interested in the post-processing, let me know in the comments below. I’m more than happy to share the editing details with you.


Here’s a comparison between the RAW file and the edited JPEG.


Let me also share a few glimpses from our camp, a calm family-friendly retreat worth thousand stars for kr 200 a night. Bliss. Tip of the day: Click to enlarge.

*photos taken with an iPhone 6

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